A systematic

approach to

innovation that

can transform

your business

A systematic

approach to

innovation that

can transform

your business

“A revolutionary thinking method that never fails.”


“The most practical tool for catalyzing innovation.”


“Look at the world through new lenses of discovery.”


“Shows us how to unlock the potential of innovation.”


“Stimulates and inspires would-be innovators everywhere.”


“Our main framework for kindling innovation.”


Meet Rowan Gibson

The man they call “Mr. Innovation”

Our founder and President is Rowan Gibson, the ‘father of the 4 Lenses’ and, according to Forbes, “one of the most recognized thought leaders in business innovation”.

Over the last two decades, Rowan has been a ‘strategic secret weapon’ and change catalyst for a long list of Fortune 500 companies.

Words of appreciation

"Rowan Gibson was a trigger for our innovation agenda. His footprint in our efforts is evident and it is highly appreciated."

coca cola

“Rowan is outstanding. He is the role model to achieve innovation.”


“Rowan Gibson’s motivation and leadership have changed the dynamics of our organization.”

Bayer health care

‘A leader who encompasses the whole circle of Innovation and the entire journey from why to how.”

“He challenged us to transform the way we innovate.”


‘He’s the superstar of Innovation. Passion, know-how, experience, and stamina in one person.’


Clients we’re proud to have served